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The company offers design, construction and management of the following objects:

One-story houses

A house with the one residential floor. One-story house projects allow to make a loft functional; they often include constructions at the basement level that can significantly increase the total area of the building.

Two-story houses

Two-story house designs are very common for the construction of private homes. Through such projects, despite the small plot of land, it is possible to build a larger building and increase the living space. Second floor allows you to equip a comfortable balconies and terraces.


Private pool will bring joy to the whole family. Regular water treatments will not only bring a pleasant experience, but also is good for your health. That is why the construction of private swimming pools has become so popular these days.

Outdoor pools

Indoor pools


It is pretty hard for a big company to find a building which would be suitable and spacious these days. The best solution is to create an individual project and construct a building which will satisfy all your requirements.

Office and administrative buildings


KNEK Partners

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