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Construction supervision is needed in any new building to supervise and stimulate the successful execution of the project site.

Latvian construction principles are defined by building normative LCR 303-03 "Construction supervision rules”. This document regulates the order in which construction work and construction quality supervision is made. The goal of this supervision is to ensure client's rights and interests during the construction works, prevent the construction manager arbitrary deviations from the approved construction plan, design and from the technologies that are specified in the construction project.

Contract of the construction supervision

The client concludes contract of the construction supervision with the certified individual person (construction supervisor) or with the licensed juridical person or appoint certified worker who will supervise the construction works in the concrete field. If the contract of construction supervision is concluded with the juridical person, there have to be pointed out individual persons who will rewrite the commitments and will supervise.

Rights and responsibilities

Construction supervisor has to sign the document of commitments according to The General Building Regulations after he assumes the construction supervision.

Construction supervisor’s responsibilities:

  • Strict control of the facility compliance with the construction standards and requirements and prevent the possibility of departing from the requirements of LCR.

  • Participate in project organization and consider proposals to reduce costs.

  • During the construction works independently monitor whether the assembly operations match the building design documentation.

  • Strictly observe the technologies and quality requirements during the project.

  • Inform client about the work that has been done once in a month.

  • Compile the necessary documentation and make the necessary changes connected with identified deficiencies and defects timely.

  • Analyze project progress, finance and supply of materials.

Construction supervisor’s rights:

  • require from the client and the contractor any project documents to get an accurate report about the construction process;

  • require to uncover the finished constructions and covered constructions if there are any doubts regarding the quality or compliance with the project;

  • if there are unauthorized deviations from the building design or the requirements of Latvian construction standards or the requirements that are determined in the industrial safety laws are not complied, stop the construction works temporarily till the revealed defects are removed, or submit reasoned written request to suspend construction works to the concrete client, construction administration, The State Construction Inspection, The State Fire and Rescue Service or The State Labor Inspection, or submit to The State Construction Inspection motivated written request to cancel the building permit;

  • propose to invalidate the construction manager’s building practice certificate if the professional errors or normative acts’ violations have been made iteratively;

  • Terminate the construction supervision contract or refuse to perform the duties and inform the construction administration by submitting the paper if client requires to perform the actions that are contrary to the normative acts that regulates the construction works.

Construction supervision in the construction site is the possibility for the client or investor who doesn’t have special knowledge or education connected with constructions to watch over the construction process and be informed about the progress on a site.

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