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KNEK together with its cooperation partners performs any kind of dwelling houses’ designing works.

Home construction always starts with the design of the project. The project is required not only for the house building, but to get the construction permission too. Therefore this is the one of the main stages of the house building process.

We offer You more than 200 ready-made house projects from which You can choose the most preferred one.

There are to types of designing:

  • individual project;
  • standard project.

Individual project is designed according to Your desires, assuming that You have the vision of Your future house or any other building. Individual project’s advantage is as the result You will get exactly what You want. You just have to tell Your wishes to the KNEK specialists and You will not have anything to worry about, because our professionals will do everything by themselves.

The second opportunity is the standard project which has been made before, but it can be changed a little according to the client’s wishes.

The standard project’s strengths are price and universality. There are large number of the standard projects which are oriented to the Latvian market. Unfortunately, standard projects have weak sides too, for example:

  • they are oriented to the average conditions that means that particular circumstances are not taken into account (relief, the orientation of the object, the existence of the service lines).

If Your are purchasing a standard project You should figure out if:

  • the offer has the all documentation (architecture part, building constructions, internal engineering, summary of construction works etc.);
  • solutions are suitable for the Latvian conditions;

  • documentation is in Latvian;

  • vendor makes attraction and whether it is included in the price;

  • possible to make changes.

Individual and standard projects are made according to the LCR requirements. 

KNEK Partners

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